Library Services and Rules


 Library Entry and Services are restricted to only to authorized members of the university with valid Institutional ID.

Other visitors  need to take permission from the Library.

Internet Access and  E-Resources are restricted to only to authorized members of the university. 



General Rules  

Library Memberships     
  • Library membership is open to Faculty, Visiting/Guest/Temporary Faculty, Students, Research Scholars (including PDFs), Non-teaching Staff and Retired-Faculty members of the University.

  • They can apply for membership in the prescribed format (download Membership Application) enclosing the copy of admission / appointment letter and a passport photograph. 

  • Whenever a member leaves/retires he/she has to obtain a "No Dues Certificate" from the library.

Faculty and Research Scholars

  • Faculty and Research Scholars should also submit the declaration in prescribed Project Declaration Form that they do not have project books with them. The form can be obtained from the Circulation Counter

PDF Scholars

Retired Faculty

Visiting / Guest /Temporary Faculty (Appointed directly by Schools/Departments/Centres)

Institutional Membership

Visitors:  (Non-Members)

Borrowing Facility 

(Restricted to University Members only)


Circulation Section manages  Issue, Return, Renewal of Books, Issue of No Dues Certificate and arrange Refund of Caution Deposit to PDF Scholars and retired faculty   

Multipurpose Institutional ID CARD

Borrowing Facility - Number of Books, Loan Period and Overdue Charges


Number of Books

Loan Period

  1. An over due charge of Rs. 1.00  per day per volume will be collected for returning the books after the due date borrowed by them.

  2. Member should not borrow defective / damaged books.  while returning such a book member will be held responsible and charged as per the rules mentioned below.

  3. Books given for loan may be renewed for a further period  provided no other reader has reserved the same.

  4. The Loan period may be shortened by the librarian if the books are on special demand.

  5. A member can reserve a book which is on loan by filling a prescribed form available at circulation section.

  6. The Librarian reserves the right to recall any books from any member at any time.

  7. Project Coordinators (permanent faculty member) should personally borrow books purchased under Projects.

  8. Transfer of Books is not permissible

  9. Loss of book should be immediately reported to the Circulation  to avoid fine.

  10. Taking No-Dues from Library is mandatory

All regular teaching staff 15

One Semester

(180 days)

Visiting/Guest/Temporary Faculty (appointed by  Schools, Departments or Centres Click for Guidelines 3 1 month

Research Scholars (Ph.D.& M. Phil )

6 14 days

Post-Doctoral Fellows (PDF)

Click for Guidelines


14 days

Post-Graduate students 5 14 days

Integrated students can borrow books

both from CIS and IGM Libraries

5 14 days
M. Tech. Integrated (MT/PD) 5 14 days
Study in India Program (SIP) 5 14 days
Non-teaching Officers 5 14 days
Non-teaching Staff (below Asst. Registrar) 3 14 days

Retired Faculty Click for Guidelines

4 1 month

Books Not under General Circulation:  

No Dues

All members should obtain a 'No Due' certificate personally, after  returning the books borrowed from the library and paying the dues outstanding against them, if any.

Loss of Books

Reprography Services

Special Services for Visually Challenged Members 

NBHM Regional Library 

 Information Literacy Programs

Internet Facility 

Internet Based Services

Library is providing Internet based services and tools - Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC), E-Resources, Browsing Area,  Wi-Fi Net, Laptop Zones, Computer Workstation for Visually Challenged Students

OPAC - Online Public Access Catalogue & Search Services


Remote Access to E-Resources through Knimbus  (outside university campus)  

 J-Gate - Document Delivery Service (DDS)  

Anti-Plagiarism Software 

Library Website: