Library Automation & Infrastructure

This Library has the distinction of being the first University Library  in India   

 to have fully   automated all its house keeping operations.   



  • The Library has started its automation activity in the year 1989, by procuring a PC-AT Intel 80286 with 4mb RAM, 80mb Hard disk, MS-DOS operating system.

  • Initially some programs were developed in dbase III+. In this process, the data for the new books became available in machine readable form. The database was created for searching by author, title, subject and call number. Simultaneously catalogue cards were  printed on the continuous card stationery and monthly list of additions to the library was also generated using dot matrix printer

Integrated Library Operations with LIBSYS

  • During the year 1990, an integrated library application software (LIBSYS) was procured using XENIX as operating system. All the new book records available in machine readable form under dbase III+ were converted into the LIBSYS software package. XENIX is a multi-user operating system on which LIBSYS : an integrated library application software provided facilities for acquisition,  cataloguing, circulation and serial control and OPAC (online public access catalogue) to provide quick search of books to the users.

  • During the year 1991, the hard-disk was upgraded from 80MB to 200MB and  again  upgraded in 1993 its systems by acquiring a new PC 80486 system with 3 VT-220 terminals and UNIX operating system.

  • During the year 1994, with the special grant from the UGC under modernization of library facilities, the library acquired a mini computer system DEC Alpha 2000 model with 6 GB hard disk, 16 numbers of 80386 PCs, 4 multimedia printers, 7 drive CD-ROM network server. Library has started using Bar-code technology at the circulation desk for issue and return transactions.

  • By February 1995, the library could convert all the book records i.e. 2, 35,000 volumes of data base by entering the data from the shelf list catalogue cards and was made available for campus wide access across the Local Area Network (LAN) for the benefit of users in various Schools/Departments.   

 Automation & Digital Library with VTLS  and SUN MicroSystems

  • During 2001, the Library switched over to VTLS software for Library Automation and Digital Library.  A Cyber Storage System (DF-1000) with facility for 400 GB hard disk storage to capture digital data from the CD/DVDs was made available for network access.

Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC)

  • Library has replaced  its  card catalogue with Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) terminals for users in the central lobby of the Library and 4 + 3  terminals near the stack/ reading areas. The Library database consists of all the books, back volumes of periodicals, current journals and theses & dissertations.

  • Users can search the database by author, title, classification number, subject, Journal title, Accession Number to know whether  a book/document is there in the Library or not, its status with reservation facility if the book is issued out. Users can also access  the new books list from OPAC. Multimedia links are provided to enable users access digitized text of Thesis and few books  and web pages of Journals to access Table of Contents,  Abstracts and also the Full text. Library initiated linking the scanned pages of Table of Contents to Language Journals and few Indian Journals, where publishers are not providing such links .