Library Administration

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Acquisition Section (Automated)

Allocation of grants for the purchase of books and other material except the current periodicals and online databases.  Receiving indents,  checking duplicates, placing orders, receiving and accessioning (Bar-coding) books etc and then sending them to books processing section.  Budget control, selecting vendors, sending reminders as well as canceling the time-out  orders and accepting the gift books, estimation of cost for the lost books/sets, updating the status of books in accession register  etc. are the other activities of the section. Attending to both internal and external audit.

Book (Technical) Processing (Automated)

Book Processing Section deals with the books purchased by library, project books, gift books, serial publications, theses/dissertations, census publications, reports (Govt., Bank etc) those are received from Acquisition Section of the library. Book processing operations include - classification, cataloguing and assigning subject headings. Section undertakes the data entry and physical processing operations and then release books to the Stack area for shelving. 

Library follows Dewey Decimal classification scheme for classification and AACR2 for Cataloguing and Library of Congress Subject Headings and Cutter’s Author mark for Book numbers etc. For language books the collection is indicated with alphabets H for Hindi, T for Telugu and U for Urdu  before the Call number. The  data entry is done in transliterated form.

Database Updating: Data entry of old books, corrections, status Updates regarding replacement copies of books, books lost and amount recoveries; books written off and weeded out etc.  

Circulation Section (Automated)

This is the front end of library operations providing the lending services to the library users.  All the functions of this section is computerized and the transactions in this section are based on the barcode technology.  All the Registered Library Users with Multipurpose Identification Card with barcode are provided with book borrowing facility. Since all the books in the library are bar-coded, check-out and check-in transactions are carried out using a laser scanner. 

Users can access the data of books borrowed by them and also be able to renew online through Online Public Access Catalogue using their ID number from any where. 

Enrolling members, Issue, Return or renewal of books and reserving books based on the users requests, verifying for unreturned books and issuing 'No-Dues Certificate' are the main tasks of the section. The section undertakes the collection of overdue charges,  cost recovery or  accepting the replacement copies for the lost books from the borrowers and arranging refund of Caution Deposit to PDF Scholars.

Periodicals (Automated):

Subscription to current periodicals (print/online) and online databases.  Annual budget projections, monitoring  accounts and maintenance of  statistics. Processing annual recommendations for current periodicals and databases,  placing renewal orders, payments/advances, Journals receipts, preparation for bound volumes.  Tracking the journal receipts and claiming missing and overdue issues. Regulates the shelf arrangement of the current journals, displays recent arrivals daily. Activation and Monitoring of online access to print/online journals and databases. Monitoring the usage of online databases and journals.  Attending to both internal and external audit.

Maintaining journals and journal back volumes pertaining to NBHM Regional Library


The library office organizes every year the Library Committee meeting in consultation with the office of the Vice Chancellor. Formulation of Budget proposals, monitoring the expenditure,. Settlement of bills, Advances/Imprest amounts etc.  Liaison with administration, finance and engineering departments.  Attending to both internal and external audit. Purchase of Equipment and other materials needed for library operation. Maintenance of Stock, assets and Consumable registers including stock verification. Annual Maintenance Contracts for all equipments and privatization of Xerox unit. Over all maintenance of Library building including housekeeping (outsourced) of the library, insurance,  and pest control etc. Maintenance of attendance, leaves, shifts and holiday postings     

Information Technology

This is the hub of computerized activity of the library i.e., the back-end of automation activities in the library. The section looks after the maintenance of Library Server all the systems, network, Internet; connecting to the Campus-wide Local Area Network  and all the sections of the library with structured cabling using Switches / Hubs at different levels;   Handling Library software, Operating System, Proxy server, Scanner operations, Networking, Internet and CD based resources etc., apart from rectifying minor trouble shooting in the Hardware, Software, UPS connectivity.

  • It also looking after the database maintenance, data validation, merging and OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) and also the computer workstations (hardware, soft wares and printing) for visually-challenged students  etc.

  • Maintaining PGDLAN Lab

  • IT section maintains the library website,  collecting information from other sections of the library.

  • Facilitating registrations Anti Plagiarism Software and preparing manuals/guidelines. Conducting originality check for the documents given by research scholars/faculty through Anti-plagiarism software. Training/helping the users in plagiarism screening.

Digital Library:

Digitization of theses/dissertations/ project-reports (M.Tech.) submitted by university scholars and books as well as other documents not covered under copy right and also linking the soft copy PDF to the respective bibliographic records to facilitate access to their full text through the Online Public Access Catalogue.

Document Delivery Services (Online)

This Unit looks after user services such as - Online Document Delivery Service through JCCC@Infonet

Institutional membership

library visitors permissions etc.

Information Literacy Program:
User Orientation, User education and Training Programs

Binding Section:

This section is equipped with all the necessary equipment for binding books, current Journals and other materials.  All types of binding i.e. Full Leather, Half Leather, Rexene, Cardboard, Paper and Ordinary binding etc., are undertaken including Gold-embossing.  Preparation of indents for bindery material, processing binding orders and bills of contract binders. Accessioning the bound volumes of periodicals and maintenance of Accession Register for Periodical bound volumes.