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E-Resources (Full Text) - Open Access  

Scholarly Journals, books and other documents were available to libraries or individuals only for price.

They are currently accessible ONLINE openly (at Free of Cost).

Such resources are listed here, acknowledging the greatest initiatives of academicians, scientists

and publishers in bringing out the scholarly literature on Open Access.    



Multidisciplinary /Multilingual

Journal Databases

Books - Digital Sources

Career Guidance Links



  1. Computational Linguistics (MIT) 26 (2000) TO Current     

  2. PLOS - Public Library of Science

  3. Advanced Materials Letters   - VBRI Press AB, Sweden

  4. International Journal of Yoga - Wolters Kluwer  (only HTML Version) Ffrom Inception volume.

Scientific Organizations - Journals and other publications 


NISCAIR Research Journals

  1. Annals of Library and Information Studies

  2. Bharatiya Vaigyanik evam Audyogik Anusandhan Patrika

  3. Indian Journal of Biochemistry and Biophysics

  4. Indian Journal of Biotechnology

  5. Indian Journal of Chemical Technology

  6. Indian Journal of Chemistry, Sec A

  7. Indian Journal of Chemistry, Sec B

  8. Indian Journal of Engineering & Materials Sciences

  9. Indian Journal of Experimental Biology

  10. Indian Journal of Fibre & Textile Research

  11. Indian Journal of Geo-Marine Sciences

  12. Indian Journal of Natural Products and Resources

  13. Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Physics

  14. Indian Journal of Radio and Space Physics

  15. Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge
    Journal of Intellectual Property Rights

  16. Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research

NISCAIR Other Resources

Indian Academy of Sciences

Journals with archives  from V.1

Special issues of journals

Special publications

Eprints repository - Publications of Fellows of the Indian Academy of Sciences.

Indian Council of Medical Research

Medknow Publications  - publishing on behalf of learned societies and associations.



Social Sciences 


  1. International Journal of Educational Sciences

  2. International Journal of Human Genetics

  3. Journal of Agricultural Sciences

  4. Journal of Biodiversity

  5. Journal of Communication

  6. Journal of Economics

  7. Journal of History and Archaeology

  8. Journal of Human Biology

  9. Journal of Human Ecology

  10. Journal of Intelligence and Security Issues

  11. Journal of Life Sciences

  12. Journal of Psychology

  13. Journal of Social Sciences

  14. Journal of Sociology and Social Anthropology

  15. Mathematics Seminar

  16. Studies on Ethno-Medicine

  17. Studies on Home and Community Science

  18. Studies of Tribes and Tribals

  19. The Anthropologist

  20. The Journal of Biology

  21. The Journal of Genetics 


Series of Books on World Class Universities or Institutes Author:  Dr. Rajiv Dharaskar



BBC - The Virtual Revolution  for Media and Communication

EMERALD: Networked Scholar Marketing  for Management Studies & Business Management

Ministry of External Affairs - Full Text Documents

LIBRARY & information SCIENCE

Regional Languages

Multilingual Resources

Hindi Online Resources

Telugu Online Resources


Urdu Online Resources